Month: November 2019

When Bonding a Tooth Is the Best Way to Fix It

Your teeth are unique in more ways than you might realize. In addition to their size, shape, color, shade, appearance, alignment, and more, the specific issues that can affect your teeth can also do so in ways that are unique to your smile. Therefore, restoring and improving your smile is a highly personalized process, and… Read more »

How a Brighter Smile Could Be Easier than You Thought

You can prevent a lot of things by taking consistently good care of your teeth and gums. Brushing them at least twice a day and flossing at least once can stop oral bacteria from overwhelming them with plaque. Removing the plaque can stop it from calcifying (hardening) into tartar. However, even with excellent hygiene practices,… Read more »

3 Possible Solutions for Your Toothache

Toothaches are troublesome for more reasons than just the discomfort they cause. For instance, depending on its cause, your toothache might also indicate a more serious underlying issue with your oral health. Depending on its severity, the ache can also impact your ability to bite and chew comfortably, or even go about your daily activities…. Read more »

Why Does Your Jaw Hurt So Much?

While chronic jaw pain may not be as common as toothaches, the discomfort can often have a wide-ranging effect on your bite function and more. In many cases, the cause of the discomfort can be traced to an issue with one or both of your temporomandibular joints (TMJs) – the large joints on either side… Read more »

Why Trust Your Smile to Dental Implants?

Losing a tooth, or several, is a serious concern for your smile, and for more reasons than you might immediately realize. The good news is that you have a variety of options for rebuilding your smile, depending on how many teeth you’ve lost, and most can be created with highly lifelike results. However, for many… Read more »

Have a Teeth-Grinding Habit? Here’s When to Worry

There are some threats to your oral health that you might not always realize are threats. For example, catching yourself grinding your teeth once in a while is so common that it’s rarely considered a concern. In many cases, it isn’t. However, if you suffer from bruxism, then you’re actually grinding your teeth much more… Read more »

What’s Different About Caring for Kids’ Smiles?

The quest to keep your smile healthy begins early in life, which is why it’s so important to teach young children the basics of good hygiene as early as possible. However, there’s more to keeping young smiles healthy than just learning to brush and floss teeth properly. In addition to good hygiene, children need regular… Read more »

The Finer Points of Gum Cleaning

Many good dental hygiene measures don’t just involve keeping your teeth clean, but also the soft periodontal (gum) tissues that support them. Along with tooth decay, gum disease is one of the most common chronic dental health issues, and the most effective way to prevent it is to control the buildup of oral bacteria that… Read more »

What Kind of Cleaning Does Your Smile Need?

Every day, your schedule should include a few important moments of cleaning your teeth and gums, such as brushing them at least twice and flossing them at least once every day. That’s because harmful oral bacteria, which can become the biggest threats to your smile, accumulate on your teeth every day. In addition to cleaning… Read more »