Month: December 2019

Dental Emergencies: Yes, They Happen

A lot of what happens with tooth and jaw health progresses relatively slowly. With good brushing habits at home, and twice yearly checkups and cleanings, you might never experience a dental situation that needs immediate attention. And yet, things can happen. If you experience a quickly developing dental situation that is causing you pain, discomfort… Read more »

Make An Appointment To Discuss A Smile Makeover For 2020

When you begin to think of the changes you want to make in the new year, you may find yourself drawn to the idea of finally addressing problems you have with your smile. While the idea of cosmetic dentistry can be appealing to many people, they sometimes drop their pursuit without exploring the benefits of… Read more »

Issues With Gingivitis? Schedule A Scaling And Root Planing

You can – and should – look out for signs that your periodontal tissues might be affected by gingivitis. While symptoms of an infection may not hurt, you can identify signs that something might be wrong by checking out your gums when you brush and floss. When gingivitis is identified and treated, your periodontal tissues… Read more »

The Benefits of Keeping Up with Good Hygiene

A lot is said about how to improve certain aspects of your dental hygiene routine, such as brushing and flossing your teeth more carefully. It can be easy to grow lax when you practice the same routine twice a day, and in the case of dental hygiene, that can open the door to a number… Read more »

How Dental Implants Take On Tooth Loss

toring your smile after tooth loss isn’t just about filling in the gaps in it. This may be the most obvious benefit, but more importantly, replacing lost teeth should also reestablish the vital functions for which they’re responsible. To do this, you must also replace the roots of your lost teeth, which is something only… Read more »

What Tooth Loss Changes About Your Smile

When you think about tooth loss, you might think the loss is the biggest change to your smile. However, the effects keep coming long after the tooth or teeth are gone, and the different ways in which your oral health changes can mean more for your long-term smile than you might expect. Today, we examine… Read more »

When You’re Faced with the Need for Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, a certain issue with a tooth might not seem like an emergency. If you have tooth decay or damage to one of your tooth’s structures, you might believe you have plenty of time to address it at your convenience. However, the truth is that dental health issues can progress faster than you realize, and… Read more »

What Dental Crowns Do for Your Teeth

While restorative dentistry can mean many different things depending on your specific concerns, dental crowns are among the most popular. Not only can they address a wide range of issues with your tooth structure, but they can do so in a highly effective and lifelike manner. The combination of durability and their highly cosmetic appearance… Read more »

When a Tooth Needs Root Canal Treatment

The commonness of tooth decay, which affects almost everyone at some point in their lives, can sometimes make the condition seem like a casual concern. If it develops, you can usually treat it conveniently with a tooth-colored filling and move on. However, the condition is progressive, and waiting to treat it or failing to recognize… Read more »

Why Modern Fillings Are Tooth-Colored

Modern dental treatments are typically designed to do more than just treat your teeth, but also to do so in a highly lifelike and biocompatible manner. The good news for patients who experience cavities is that includes modern tooth fillings, which used to be made most often from metal amalgam. Today, cavities can be treated… Read more »