Month: February 2020

Is Root Canal Treatment Really Necessary?

One of the best things about modern dentistry is that it allows you to address a specific concern with your smile in a number of different ways. In most cases, however, your choice of dental treatments depends on largely on a few key factors, such as how long the issue has been present, and how… Read more »

The Best Things About Tooth-Colored Fillings

Cavities may be common, and most people may have to deal with them at some point, but that doesn’t make them any less serious of a threat to your oral health. In fact, if left unattended long enough, the decay that causes cavities can erode a substantial amount, or all, of your healthy tooth structure…. Read more »

Questions About Veneers? We Can Answer Them!

Part of general dental care isn’t just making your smile stays healthy, but also making sure that it looks the part so you can show it off confidently to everyone you interact with. That’s the point of custom cosmetic dental treatment; to help bring out your smile’s natural beauty in a conservative manner that also… Read more »

Is Your Smile Too Gummy? Consider Gum Contouring

Since everyone’s smile is different, smile improvement can mean something different to everyone, too. For example, while many cosmetic dental treatments focus on improving the appearance of your tooth structure, cosmetic gum contouring may be a more appropriate solution for certain smile concerns. Most commonly, it can help patients with a gummy smile create a… Read more »

Why Fix a Chipped Tooth? And How Bonding Can Help

If your chipped tooth doesn’t hurt, and it doesn’t have a dramatic impact on your smile’s appearance, does it really matter if you fix it? The short answer is, yes, it matters greatly to the immediate and long-term integrity of the tooth, and therefore, your overall oral health. The good news is that, for many… Read more »

A Few Lessons in Professional Teeth-Whitening

Your teeth stains aren’t always noticeable at first. If you pay attention to them every day as you brush and floss them in front of the mirror, then the gradual change will be even less noticeable to you. However, at some point, your teeth can lose enough of their healthy luster or become so stained… Read more »

Things You Might Do to Makeover Your Smile

Some of the concerns you might face regarding your smile, especially its appearance, can often develop several at a time, which might make improving your smile seem difficult. For example, if your teeth were just stained, then a simple teeth-whitening treatment may be all you need to improve your smile. However, if one or more… Read more »

A Few Questions During a Dental Emergency

Some dental health concerns are common enough that there’s a good chance you’ll have to deal with it as some point in your life. For example, tooth decay affects more than 90% of people at least once, to some degree, so chances are you may need to treat a cavity at some point. However, there… Read more »

A Few Signs that You Might Have TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder, which is a dysfunction in your jaw joints, isn’t as common as concerns such as tooth decay and gum disease. However, it is a concern, and for patients who have it, it’s a significant one for many different reasons. Your TMJs, or temporomandibular joints, are the hinges that allow your lower jaw to… Read more »

Would You Know if Bruxism Was a Problem?

Some of the most common dental health problems, like cavities and gum disease, come with symptoms and signs that are commonly attributed to them. For example, bleeding gums are almost always a sign of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. Sensitive teeth are often sensitive because of weakened tooth enamel, which can quickly lead… Read more »