3 Things You Might Not Know without a Dental Checkup

3 Things You Might Not Know without a Dental Checkup

January 31, 2020

When your smile is completely healthy, your dental checkup appointments might not tell you anything new, other than give your smile a fresh, clean bill of health. However, the times when your smile isn’t its healthiest are when the importance of regular checkups becomes obvious. During each visit, your dentist carefully inspects all of your teeth and oral tissues to checkup for such signs, which you may not be able to notice on your own. When such issues are detected early, you have a much better chance of treating them before they begin to cause serious harm to your teeth and/or gums.

1. That your tooth is developing a cavity

When a cavity matures enough, it can be hard to ignore. The pain in your tooth will grow increasingly more frequent and severe; the appearance of the tooth may change, as well. However, in the beginning stages of a cavity, when oral bacteria are still eroding your tooth enamel and making the way for tooth infection, you might not notice any symptoms at all. Fortunately, your dentist often can, and with prompt attention, she may be able to help you avoid more serious decaying of your tooth and the need for more extensive treatment.

2. That your risks of gum disease are serious

To some degree, we’re all at risk for some oral health issues. Cavities are one (the most common one, actually), as is gum diseases, which is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Like tooth decay, gum disease isn’t always obvious in its earliest stages. The signs that may appear at first, such as redness and slight swelling in the gums, can be easily overlooked without any accompanying pain or discomfort. When your dentist checks up on your smile, however, such warning signs can be more easily observed, and can give you and your dentist a clearer picture into the state of your gum disease.

3. That your bite isn’t working properly

In addition to the health of your teeth and gums, your routine dental checkups also give your dentist a glimpse into how well your bite functions, and all the components that go into that function. For instance, an exam might reveal if your teeth are worn due to something like bruxism, or chronic teeth-grinding, which can affect both your bite function and the integrity of your teeth. To correct it, your dentist can custom-design an appropriate appliance, along with other restorative options, if necessary, to help protect your teeth and improve your overall bite function.

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