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Does Dental Hygiene Really Prevent Anything?

Dental hygiene has been part of our daily routines for most our lives. It’s so ingrained, in fact, that we often practice out without really giving it much thought. Unfortunately, thoughtless hygiene is nearly as ineffective as a complete lack of hygiene, which is why the routine may not seem like it can prevent anything… Read more »

What Prevention Really Means for Your Oral Health

You may hear a lot about prevention when it comes to the routine care of your dental health. Most importantly, the fact that prevention is the main point of it. For example, from the simple (but consistent) cleaning of your teeth every day to the regular checkups and cleanings that your dentist performs, prevention is… Read more »

3 Things You Might Not Know without a Dental Checkup

When your smile is completely healthy, your dental checkup appointments might not tell you anything new, other than give your smile a fresh, clean bill of health. However, the times when your smile isn’t its healthiest are when the importance of regular checkups becomes obvious. During each visit, your dentist carefully inspects all of your… Read more »

Why Bad Breath Is Often a Warning

For many people, having bad breath is more often associated with a joke than a serious warning, unless they’re the ones who are experiencing it. Despite the embarrassment of it, however, chronic bad breath is more concerning than you might realize, which is why your dentist warns you never to take it lightly. While there… Read more »

A Quick Look at Fixing Your Cracked Tooth

Damage to a tooth is a common occurrence, but what it means to your oral health can depend on a number of different factors. If the crack or chip is minor, then it may not pose a significant immediate threat, yet it can grow worse if not treated promptly. If the damage is severe, then… Read more »

In Case Your Teeth-Grinding Means Bruxism

If you catch yourself grinding your teeth more often than usual, then the thought of bruxism might cross your mind eventually. As a chronic dental condition, bruxism is the consistent grinding of your teeth that result from a wide range of potential factors. If your grinding habit does mean that you have bruxism, then we… Read more »

The Benefits of Keeping Up with Good Hygiene

A lot is said about how to improve certain aspects of your dental hygiene routine, such as brushing and flossing your teeth more carefully. It can be easy to grow lax when you practice the same routine twice a day, and in the case of dental hygiene, that can open the door to a number… Read more »

Have a Teeth-Grinding Habit? Here’s When to Worry

There are some threats to your oral health that you might not always realize are threats. For example, catching yourself grinding your teeth once in a while is so common that it’s rarely considered a concern. In many cases, it isn’t. However, if you suffer from bruxism, then you’re actually grinding your teeth much more… Read more »

What Kind of Cleaning Does Your Smile Need?

Every day, your schedule should include a few important moments of cleaning your teeth and gums, such as brushing them at least twice and flossing them at least once every day. That’s because harmful oral bacteria, which can become the biggest threats to your smile, accumulate on your teeth every day. In addition to cleaning… Read more »