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A Few Things to Consider About Tooth Extraction

Some dental treatments are common because they address common dental health concerns. For example, professional cleaning is something that everyone needs at least twice a year, so it’s the most popular of all dental services. Other treatments are less frequently recommended because the specific concerns they’re meant to address are much less common. For example,… Read more »

What to Consider About Restoring Your Tooth with a Crown

Sometimes, restoring a tooth in a conservative way takes carefully working around healthy tooth structure with a direct restoration. For instance, if the tooth has a cavity, then your dentist can clean the cavity and fill it with a tooth-colored filling. However, sometimes, it’s much better to effectively restore the entire visible part of your… Read more »

Is Root Canal Treatment Really Necessary?

One of the best things about modern dentistry is that it allows you to address a specific concern with your smile in a number of different ways. In most cases, however, your choice of dental treatments depends on largely on a few key factors, such as how long the issue has been present, and how… Read more »

The Best Things About Tooth-Colored Fillings

Cavities may be common, and most people may have to deal with them at some point, but that doesn’t make them any less serious of a threat to your oral health. In fact, if left unattended long enough, the decay that causes cavities can erode a substantial amount, or all, of your healthy tooth structure…. Read more »

Is Extracting a Tooth Really a Good Idea?

When you lose a tooth, the most important thing you can do for your smile is to replace it as soon as possible. That’s because tooth loss can have a significant impact on your oral health if it isn’t addressed promptly, and that impact can potentially lead to more serious concerns with your oral health…. Read more »

Is It Possible to Avoid Root Canal Treatment?

It’s possible to avoid a lot of things in the course of your dental health care, including the need for extensive treatment options such as root canal treatment. For example, if you prevent the tooth decay that causes that need, then you may never have to have your tooth treated at all. If decay does… Read more »

Why Your Dentist Prefers Tooth-Colored Fillings

The good thing about modern dentistry is that most issues come with a choice of different treatment options. The treatment you prefer for your smile can depend on a number of different personal dental health needs and preferences. When it comes to treating cavities, however, many patients believe their only choice is to fill the… Read more »

When You’re Faced with the Need for Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, a certain issue with a tooth might not seem like an emergency. If you have tooth decay or damage to one of your tooth’s structures, you might believe you have plenty of time to address it at your convenience. However, the truth is that dental health issues can progress faster than you realize, and… Read more »

What Dental Crowns Do for Your Teeth

While restorative dentistry can mean many different things depending on your specific concerns, dental crowns are among the most popular. Not only can they address a wide range of issues with your tooth structure, but they can do so in a highly effective and lifelike manner. The combination of durability and their highly cosmetic appearance… Read more »

When a Tooth Needs Root Canal Treatment

The commonness of tooth decay, which affects almost everyone at some point in their lives, can sometimes make the condition seem like a casual concern. If it develops, you can usually treat it conveniently with a tooth-colored filling and move on. However, the condition is progressive, and waiting to treat it or failing to recognize… Read more »