Issues With Gingivitis? Schedule A Scaling And Root Planing

Issues With Gingivitis? Schedule A Scaling And Root Planing

December 23, 2019

You can – and should – look out for signs that your periodontal tissues might be affected by gingivitis. While symptoms of an infection may not hurt, you can identify signs that something might be wrong by checking out your gums when you brush and floss. When gingivitis is identified and treated, your periodontal tissues can recover and you can be free from concern over the matter worsening. At our Merrimack, NH dentist’s office, we can actually help you directly take on gingivitis by providing a scaling and root planing. This is an advanced cleaning procedure that is able to remove harmful plaque and tartar that are already gathering beneath your gums.

How Can I Tell If Gingivitis Is Affecting Me?

If you notice that your gums tend to bleed, if they look swollen, or if you suspect they are redder than normal, you should be worried about gingivitis. These problems, along with chronic bad breath and changes in your gum line, can indicate that a periodontal infection has affected you. Fortunately, troubles with gingivitis can be addressed before gum disease has a long-term effect on your health. You can better protect yourself by improving your brushing and flossing routine, but you can also count on a scaling and root planing to put a stop to your infection.

What Makes A Scaling And Root Planing Different From A Typical Teeth Cleaning?

A scaling and root planing can be performed during a routine dental exam, but it goes beyond the typical dental cleaning that patients enjoy. During your procedure, care is taken to remove those harmful agents that have gathered beneath your gum line and affected your well-being. By clearing away bacteria in these spaces, your gums have the opportunity to recover from an infection and prevent problems from worsening.

Creating A Better Long-Term Plan For Avoiding Gingivitis

With better brushing and flossing habits, you can protect yourself against gingivitis, and other problems that can require restorative dental work. People who have problems with their periodontal health often experience trouble because they are not cleaning their teeth at their gum line as effectively as they should. Make sure you take the time to clean at the base of your teeth on a daily basis to fight plaque and tartar accumulation at this area.

You Can Schedule Your Scaling And Root Planing At My Merrimack Dentist!

At our Merrimack, NH dental practice, patients can enjoy important preventive care when they show signs of gingivitis. With a scaling and root planing, we can remove bacteria that harm your periodontal health so that you can recover from your infection and avoid long-term effects of periodontal disease. You can schedule your appointment by calling Yelena Popkova D.D.S. in Merrimack, NH, today at 603-595-9400.