Make An Appointment To Discuss A Smile Makeover For 2020

Make An Appointment To Discuss A Smile Makeover For 2020

December 26, 2019

When you begin to think of the changes you want to make in the new year, you may find yourself drawn to the idea of finally addressing problems you have with your smile. While the idea of cosmetic dentistry can be appealing to many people, they sometimes drop their pursuit without exploring the benefits of care. Our Merrimack, NH dentist’s office offers patients the opportunity to schedule smile makeover consultations so that they can learn more about their treatment options. This appointment can help you commit to a treatment plan that delivers big results in less time – and with less work – than you think possible.

What Can You Learn During A Smile Makeover Consultation?

During a smile makeover consultation, you can receive information that is specific to your needs and interests. This visit allows your dentist a chance to make recommendations based on both your current smile, and the kind of results you want to see. Because you receive tailored feedback, and suggestions for care based on the present condition of your teeth, this can be an important first step in making significant and exciting changes to the way you look!

Cosmetic Dental Work Can Be Surprisingly Conservative

One thing you can discover during your consultation is how relatively small amounts of work can lead to big cosmetic improvements. At your appointment, we can discuss the use of conservative procedures like teeth bonding and contouring to hide flaws like discoloration and damage. This approach to treatment restores smiles without the use of permanent restorations, instead relying on careful contouring and composite resin material to transform the way you look. You can also learn how gum contouring work can make teeth appear longer, and make your smile more even, by safely removing excess periodontal tissues.

You Can Enjoy Lasting Results From Cosmetic Dental Care

When planning out your cosmetic care, our goal is to provide results that are significant, but also ensuring that those results are long-lasting. For patients who are concerned about results that last, our practice can provide custom porcelain veneers to make changes to the shape, color, and size of teeth. Veneers are remarkably strong, despite their small size, and can maintain their appearance for many years. Of course, if you want to keep your smile in its best shape, preventive dental care is always recommended.

Our Merrimack, NH Dentist’s Office Can Provide Exciting Cosmetic Improvements

At our Merrimack, NH dentist’s office, patients can plan and enjoy significant cosmetic smile improvements! We can welcome you for a smile makeover consultation before moving forward with any procedures. This meeting gives you the opportunity to ask questions, and to learn about the benefits of different procedures for your individual smile. You can find out more by calling Yelena Popkova D.D.S. in Merrimack, NH, today at 603-595-9400.

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