Meet the Team


Dental Hygienist

Our Hygienist, Britney, enjoys building relationships with patients while helping educate them on their dental needs. It gives her joy when patients leave happy as a result of her quality care. When she’s not watching a movie, she’ll be spending quality time with her two kids and husband. She also enjoys being around family and friends.

she has an outgoing and bubbly personality, listens to patients needs, gives sparkly cleanings to patients, always smiling, very gentle with patients.


Dental Assistant

Kate is one of our caring dental assistants.  She is a perfect team player whose skillful assistance is a guarantee to the efficiency of your treatment. A number of patients observed her impressive contribution into a more comfortable and enjoyable experience with the treatment. If you do not understand your treatment plan or have some other related concerns, Kate is highly qualified to provide you with an explanation as to any details of your treatment and procedures, which many patients find very helpful in addition to the doctor’s explanation. She is very patient and takes all the necessary time to address your concerns or to help you to relax. Kate does really care for our patients! When you are just about to get cold, she will cover you with a blanket. Her favorite pastime is to perfect her culinary skills to the delight of her husband and other members of her family.



Elizabeth is passionate about getting to know all of our patients, ensuring quality service for each one. She’s attentive to patient’s needs. When not spending time with family and friends, you can find her cooking, hiking, kayaking, or traveling with her partner.

Any concerns or questions a patient has about an upcoming appointment, she can help with.