Cosmetic Dentistry

The way your smile looks isn’t always an accurate indicator of its health. For example, your teeth may be perfectly healthy, and yet still develop noticeable stains. Or, what seems like a slight cosmetic issues, such as a minor tooth crack, could become more serious if left untreated. Cosmetic dentistry is both an art and science, and involves making sure your smile is as beautiful as it is healthy, as well as addressing cosmetic concerns that could become more severe problems later. For optimal results, we offer a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments and services, including:

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Being proud of your smile is an important benefit of professional dental care, and our range of cosmetic treatments can help you optimize your smile’s appearance. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling Yelena Popkova D.D.S. in Merrimack, NH, today at 603-595-9400. We also serve the residents of Nashua, Hudson, Manchester, Milford, and all surrounding communities.