Root Canal Therapy in Merrimack, NH

Root Canal Therapy in Merrimack, NH

Did you know that root canal therapy near you is one of the fastest ways to relieve dental pain from an affected tooth? While most people mistakenly believe that root canals can be painful, the opposite is true. Dr. Yelena Popkova at Yelena Popkova, DDS has helped countless patients of all ages find quick relief from an infected tooth with top-tier treatment in our friendly and comfortable Merrimack, NH office.

Three Reasons You May Need Root Canal Treatment

While there is no substitute for a diagnosis from our dentist near you, three of the most common reasons that a patient requires root canal treatment are:

  • The patient is experiencing a constant ache in a tooth or the jaw
  • The patient is noticing swelling in the gum tissue around a particular tooth
  • The patient is undergoing discomfort in or around a specific tooth when they chew

If you’ve noticed even one of these symptoms, we recommend that you schedule an appointment for an exam from our dentist in Merrimack, NH today. During your exam, you’ll learn how Yelena Popkova, DDS can provide gentle endodontic treatment to relieve your discomfort.

Sedation Dentistry is Available

Some people avoid visiting their dentist because of dental anxiety, especially when they’re already experiencing pain. Dr. Yelena Popkova wants to assure every patient that your comfort is one of our top priorities. Rather than living in pain that often accompanies an infected tooth – or worse, risking tooth loss — contact us today to learn about sedation dentistry offered at Yelena Popkova, DDS.

When you visit us for your consultation, we’ll provide you with complete information about the root canal procedure so you can make the best decision for your needs. Many patients discover that the almost-immediate relief they experience post-procedure is reason enough to schedule an appointment for the procedure.

Take Action Now for Quick Pain Relief

Instead of trying to endure the pain and potentially risking a more complicated procedure because treatment was delayed, we invite you to make an appointment today with our gentle and caring dentist at Yelena Popkova, DDS for root canal therapy near you.