Have you considered improving your chances at a job interview, impressing your friends or your significant other or perhaps you just wanted to look a few years younger without undergoing drastic dental procedures?

There are many reasons why your teeth might become stained and older looking, but the most common causes are things like exposure to your foods and beverages over the years. Known as extrinsic teeth stains, they develop on the outer surfaces of your semi-translucent tooth enamel. Though usually minor, extrinsic teeth stains can have a dramatic impact on your smile’s appearance. With a professional, cosmetic teeth-whitening kit, however, you can easily and effectively erase the stains to brighten your smile’s appearance and help you look years younger!

How Does Teeth-Whitening Work?

Professional teeth-whitening is accomplished with a custom-made kit that includes a set of trays that fit specifically over your teeth and gums. We’ll provide you with a supply of professional strength bleaching gel, which is designed to safely but successfully remove stains from your teeth’s surfaces. Using the trays, you can apply the gel to your teeth for 1-2 hours every day for about 10 days, and enjoy the brighter, stain-free smile that you deserve.

The Benefits of Teeth-Whitening

  • Improved confidence – Stained teeth can have a significant impact on your overall confidence. By erasing your teeth stains and brightening your smile, you can restore your confidence in its appearance.
  • No need for extensive treatment – Teeth-whitening is a topical treatment that you can apply from the comfort of home. You won’t need to undergo any changes to your tooth structure, or schedule multiple visits to complete your treatment.
  • You can reuse your trays – After your treatment is complete, you can keep the custom-designed trays to touch up your smile in the future. If stains develop again, ask us about purchasing an additional supply of professional-strength whitening gel.

Make a Teeth-Whitening Appointment

Your teeth might stain even when you take excellent care of them. With take-home teeth-whitening, you can easily and effectively erase stains and restore your confidence in your smile. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling Yelena Popkova D.D.S. in Merrimack, NH, today at 603-595-9400. We also serve the residents of Nashua, Hudson, Manchester, Milford, and all surrounding communities.