Checkups & Cleanings

Of the many potential concerns that your smile might face, the most common of them (including tooth decay and gum disease) begin with the buildup of plaque and tartar on your teeth and gums. Plaque is a biofilm formed by the hundreds of different oral bacteria that inhabit your mouth, and when it remains long enough, it calcifies into tartar. Brushing and flossing your teeth every day helps control plaque buildup, but only your dentist or hygienist can remove tartar before oral bacteria lead to serious oral health issues.

Routine Exams and Oral Cancer Screenings

Caring for your smile can mean many things, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Knowing what your smile needs requires comprehensive examination and screening, which we perform during every one of your routine checkup and cleaning appointments. A routine exam involves a visual inspection of your teeth, gums, and oral tissues, and may include digital imaging with X-rays and an intraoral camera. Your visits will also include comprehensive oral cancer screenings to check for early signs of oral cancer and recommendations towards receiving a more precise diagnosis, if necessary.

Dental Cleanings and Ultrasonic Scaling

In addition to thoroughly examining your oral health, routine checkups and cleanings also include carefully cleaning your teeth and gums of potentially harmful plaque and tartar. Professional teeth cleaning involves expertly removing every trace of oral bacteria from the visible surfaces of your teeth, ensuring that they don’t have the chance to erode your tooth structure or infect your gum tissues. If you show signs of gingivitis, which is an infection in your gums that leads to gum disease, then we may suggest ultrasonic scaling to comfortably remove the plaque and tartar from underneath your gums.

Schedule a Checkup & Cleaning Appointment

Checkups and cleanings are the most important form of professional dental care, and sticking to a schedule of appointments is necessary to keep your smile consistently healthy. When you’re ready to schedule an appointment, call Yelena Popkova D.D.S. in Merrimack, NH, today at 603-595-9400. We also serve the residents of Nashua, Hudson, Manchester, Milford, and all surrounding communities.